BINOCAR Registers

British and Irish Network of
Congenital Anomaly Researchers

Ethical Approval


BINOCARD has approval from the NHS Health Research Authority (HRA) as a research database (REC reference: 16/EM/0440). The approval is reviewed every 5 years.


The creation of BINOCARD involves linking historical congenital anomaly registration data to  HES (Hospital Episode Statistics), Civil Registrations data and NPD (National Pupil Database) data. For the purpose of performing this one-off linkage, BINOCARD has Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) support to continue processing identifiable data under Section 251 of the NHS Act 2006. Once data linkage is complete and data quality has been checked, all personal identifiers will be deleted, thus making BINOCARD a de-identified research database.



Download REC letters of favourable opinion 2018 (amendment) 2017 2016


Current CAG approval:


Download CAG approval (SGUL) until June 2021


Past approvals (for reference only):


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